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We enable marketers to take control of content distribution on mobile

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April 9th, 2014:

Too Much of a Good Thing: Drowning in Content

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April 4th, 2014:

The Curation and Distribution Workbook – Free Download Available

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March 7th, 2014:

Repost: Why You Need A B2B Marketing App For Better Engagement (From TDA)

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The disconnect between marketing, your organization and your customers is as big as ever.

That’s because the effectiveness of your content is determined by its availability. Your challenge is to provide accessible content streams that ensure information is timely, relevant and mobile.

That’s where we come in.

Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information aggregated from multiple sources to mobile devices in realtime.

It’s way beyond Email, PDF’s, PPT’s and Cloud Storage.

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Use Genwi To:

enable sales teams

Transform the way your sales team accesses information through their mobile devices. Provide sharing and instant feedback to ensure they are always up-to-date and always ready to sell.

Inform Channel Partners

Empower your entire sales channel by offering easy and timely access to necessary marketing material. Manage access and availability to groups. Track, learn and refine your content to ensure success.

Forge Customer Communities

Your customer community is loyal and invested in your products and services. Appifying information through a mobile gateway will ensure they have everything they need be more successful.

Our Clients:


The Genwi-powered gateway application for Enterprise Content Management helps IBM’s sales team, partners and customer base stay informed.


How does the Content Marketing Institute push their outbound content? Through the Genwi-powered gateway application for Chief Marketing Officers.


The Smart Enterprise application built using Genwi system ensures aggregated disparate content can be accessed by CA’s customers, resellers and sales force.

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