Big Impact, Small Screen: Sales Enablement Apps

You have a vast amount of valuable material available, let your sales team and customer base find it.Cluttered content cloud to clean mobile layouts to symbolize sales enablement application

Genwi lets you create interactive applications that engage, educate and inform, by offering a mobile content hub that fosters sales enablement and drives customer retention.

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Use Genwi for Customer Engagement & Sales Enablement

Multi-source content distribution to all platforms via sales enablement software by Genwi


Transform the way your sales team accesses information through their mobile devices. Allow sharing and instant feedback so teams can make the most of your content with industry leading sales enablement tools.

CCO tablet magazine cover used to demonstrate Genwi sales enablement tools in action


Empower your channel by offering easy and timely access to necessary sales and marketing material. Manage access and availability to groups. Track, learn, and refine to ensure long term success.

Close up of iPhone sales enablement app being used.


Your customers are invested in your products and services. “Appifying” information through a mobile content hub will ensure they have everything at hand to be successful (and importantly renew).

Reach one or many groups — internal and external — with a single unified app that allows you complete control over access to content.

Organize And Distribute Content Using Genwi:
Tools icon symbolizing integration of CRM and Automation solutions with Genwi

Work With Your Existing Tools

From Marketing Automation to CRM, Genwi compliments what you do today. Unify content, assess which content is working and for who, and report activity back to your team.

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Megaphone icon to symbolize mobile sales and marketing app

Target Content More Effectively

Present a branded experience across all channels, refine content to be relevant, and offer a path to explore more. Achieve sales enablement while informing and engaging customers with a single application.

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Measure The Content Effect

Measuring how well content is critical. Get real time feedback from sales and understand what is resonating with your customers to refine and improve your content.

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Interactive Apps Deliver Much Better Engagement:

In a recent experiment we ran over 20 days, we saw a vast increase in engagement as other material that was available was viewed and explored, beyond the piece of content that was being promoted.

In fact, other content audiences stayed longer and discovered far more content than the promoted content.

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Graph highlighted enhanced sales enablement and customer engagement metrics with Genwi

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Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. It provides an efficient way to curate, manage and optimize content, which results in vastly better channel to relay information to an organization’s customers, partners and employees.
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