5 ways Marketers can help Sales Reps find content

Has anyone from your sales team ever asked you to email a report, a slide deck or PDF that is already in your content repository?

Marketers are becoming publishers, creating more content than ever.  They are busy examining every persona and stage of the sales cycle and attaching content to each. Yet, 99% of sales reps say they can’t find content they need when they need it. That’s because it’s usually buried in email, stuffed into a portal that requires a forgotten password, or hiding in a library.

Marketers are wasting resources, sales reps are wasting time, and buyers are frustrated. So how can you ease the pain?

Get the sales team connected to content. Merchandise “the goods” so they are easy to find and easy to use. Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Make sure access to content happens from one place. That includes videos, webinar recordings, white papers, images, sales decks, infographics, press releases and even the marketing calendar. Don’t leave any doubt about where to find something.
  2. Get version control under control. Nobody wins when the version with the old logo or last year’s pricing gets shared. Set up expiration dates to automatically remove content or do this manually at the end of a month or quarter. Getting into this practice usually results in making a few quick updates that keep content fresh and relevant.
  3. Optimize for mobile. Sure reps can “pinch and zoom” to read a PDF out in the field but there are options, such as mobile sales enablement apps, that make reading and navigation easier on smaller devices.
  4. Add content recommendations to your CRM. Do your sales reps live in Salesforce? This idea prompted us to create our new Salesforce plug-in, Genwi Content Concierge. It connects sales reps to content recommendations, specifically selected for their prospect, within the Salesforce record.
  5. Unclutter! Do you have so much content stored away that you should be nominated for an episode of hoarders? Keep the highest quality, most used content in plain view and get rid of the rest. It will help elevate the overall quality and usability.

Don’t let good content go to waste. When you help your sales team find what they need you are helping them have better sales engagements.