GENWI is Finalist for Red Herring Top 100 Global Award

GENWI announced that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. The Red Herring editorial team selected the companies demonstrating the most innovative technologies and business models originating… » Read More

GENWI Nabs $2M from Mike Maples, Roger McNamee to Help Publishers Go Mobile

TechCrunch Founded in 2010, Los Altos-based GENWI set out to differentiate its business by going after publishers. While magazines and newspapers have slowly made the transition from print to digital, they’re still coming to grips with mobile. For publications (big and small) to survive amidst the industry’s declining ad revenues, it’s imperative for publishers to be able… » Read More

Company X Will Change Your Life Fox News highlights some of the coolest and most interesting start-ups at CES 2012, including GENWI. Read Full Article

GENWI Launches iPad App Publishing Solution and Enhanced Mobile CMS

TechCrunch GENWI has gone through several variations since, most notable among them the launch of iSites, a quick and easy mobile app development platform for iOS and Android, which led to a $1 million investment from Inventus and Quest Venture. Today, the startup is announcing a rebranding, which is really a return to the GENWI… » Read More

Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. It provides an efficient way to curate, manage and optimize content, which results in vastly better channel to relay information to an organization’s customers, partners and employees.
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