We wanted to catch up with our CEO to get an insight into his work habits. He constantly has a lot on his plate, and does an excellent job managing his priorities. As a result, we asked the following questions to get a look inside the man, the legend, the CEO.

What software or tools can’t you live without?

Notes, Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a whiteboard. For in-person meetings, I like to take notes with pen and paper.

What are your time-saving hacks?

– Once an idea comes to my mind, I use emails/messaging as soon as I can (and don’t wait for meetings/phone calls) to communicate with others.
– I catch up on research at home when there’s free time, especially on weekends.
– I plan for phone calls during my commute.

How do you focus yourself daily?

– During my morning walks with my dog, I focus on “think time” – that means no distractions – no music, no calls. I only think about challenges and opportunities coming up and recent developments that already happened. This helps me chart out the next set of actions in a managed way instead of continuously reacting to external events.
– I trust that most of the time issues that need attending to will percolate up and there is no reason to worry about what I may be missing. That is, I’m not obsessed with to-do lists.

Any additional tips that you have for us?

– Try not to do anything that someone else on your team can do. This helps the overall team achieve more, makes everyone more self-sufficient, and gives you more time to think – and listen, rather than “do.”
– Sometimes you need to put in time to get things done – there’s no magic involved.
– Never avoid social interactions because you are “too busy,” otherwise you’ll lose the team’s pulse if you are not connected with them.