Challenge: A Monetizable App with Daily Updates

The publisher at W Magazine had a strong vision for a new W Magazine property, available only on a tablet, that would create a new monetization channel that repurposed existing content. This was envisioned as a daily app—combining the best of W Magazine content with a shopping experience. They needed an easy way for editors to curate content while still maintaining a beautiful brand experience. The app also needed to include special video advertising opportunities for sponsors—way beyond a standard banner ad unit. Of course, engagement metrics were critical.

Solution: The Daily W Tablet App

The GENWI team worked closely with the Conde Nast Creative Director to design an elegant brand experience for The Daily W app. Created in just 2 weeks, the GENWI mobile Content Management System (mCMS) rich feature set fulfilled every customer requirement.

“The team at GENWI has been—and continues to be—instrumental in creating solutions for The Daily W’s unique design and functionality.”
Christina Caldwell, Online Director, W Magazine

Benefits: An Engaging App With a New Monetization Channel

With app sponsors such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, the Daily W app has an entirely new revenue stream for W Magazine. Additionally, the publisher is always up-to-date on the latest app usage stats, downloads, and traffic to affiliate shopping destinations. From the editor’s perspective, she pre-schedules content with shopping links, giveaway campaigns, and other articles, for an entire week (or more) in one day without interfacing with an engineering or product team to deliver each update.

About Conde Nast:

Condé Nast, a division of Advance Publications, operates in 25 countries and is the world leader in exceptional content creation. In the United States, Condé Nast publishes 18 consumer magazines, including W Magazine, two trade publications and 27 websites that garner international acclaim and unparalleled consumer engagement.

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