Every prospect journey begins with a conversation. The Genwi Mobile Content Engagement Platform, delivers exceptional access and content sharing capabilities from across the enterprise, plus actionable insights and engagement tools that foster ongoing buyer conversations.


Streamline access to content across the enterprise

Banish information silos that slow down your sales team’s ability to respond to customers. Genwi offers a unified, single point of access for all marketing content across the enterprise.

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HL - product_streamline_laptop rev 2

Laptop running Genwi content marketing management tool

Package & share customized content customers want

Curate relevant content from multiple sources into a customized, branded book that gives customers the information they need, on any device, at any time.

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Track content interactions and gain valuable feedback

Content marketing tools include analytics to provide insights and measured value through tracking, notifications and feedback on customer activities and interaction with the content.

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Desktop image of content marketing platform analytics
Integrations available with Genwi content hub

Integrate easily and extend performance of content marketing tools

Genwi integrates with CRM’s, marketing automation platforms and existing business systems so you get more out of your investments and other productivity apps, such as learning management systems (LMS), case reporting and task management.

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