Genwi makes it easy to enhance your communication and content delivery through a unified sales engagement application. With our open API, content can be easily synchronized with your CRM and marketing automation platforms for fully integrated digital marketing.

Genwi supports SiteCore, WordPress and Jive, as well as file storage platforms, such as Dropbox, Box and SharePoint. In addition, Genwi fully connects with social networking platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Genwi SDK for integrated marketing campaigns

The Genwi SDK allows customers with existing native applications the ability to support and control content that is managed within Genwi. It’s an easy way to manage navigation, styling and content updates. In addition, the Genwi SDK supports deep linking, allowing content to be used as a promotional tool that drives existing users back into native applications. It also integrates with other productivity apps, such as learning management systems (LMS), case reporting and task management.

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Active updates from document repositories

Integration is active; that is, all changes in the underlying repository is “picked up” by Genwi within 5 minutes and delivered to the app immediately. Genwi uses existing folder and tagging mechanisms of SharePoint and Box to deliver content using pre-defined taxonomy, if desired. Content features, such as bookmarks, sharing and aggregation are maintained in the Genwi app.