Laptop running Genwi content curation software tools

When customers can’t find the content they need, and they ask their sales rep to find it for them, wouldn’t it be helpful to present the information in an organized, branded site? And customers could view it from a smartphone or tablet or desktop? You bet it would!

And that’s what Genwi content curation tools do. They let sales reps easily aggregate content, and package it into a curated, fully branded “book” that can be accessed from any device.

Content recommendations enable engagement through the sales cycle

Sales reps can be confident they are accessing content that is current and targeted along the sales funnel. Genwi’s robust tagging capabilities and Salesforce integration enable content suggestions from within the Salesforce opportunity record.

Genwi’s platform provides more clarity and ease than sending a string of links through multiple—and often lost—emails. And content can be recorded and shared with prospects directly from Salesforce.

Recommendations aggregated via Genwi content curation platform

Diagram of digital content curation output in multi-platform format

Author custom content

Marketing and sales teams can also create digital content for curation directly within the Genwi system. A powerful, post-based system lets content authors or editors generate articles, galleries, slideshows and more. It also allows for the definition of custom ‘post-types’ to create specific structure for the original content.