Reduce the time spent searching for relevant content

Sales reps spend nearly 20% of their time searching, gathering and recreating the content they need to engage with prospects and customers. That’s not surprising given content is often stored across multiple systems, sites, formats, even out of reach on individual laptops.

There is a better solution for content discoverability. Genwi aggregates all content through a unified content management platform. Rather than having to login separately to individual content sources, the Genwi content discovery app provides the sales team a single point of access via desktop or mobile, with or without internet access. And it integrates with popular customer relationship management systems.

Diagram of integrations with Genwi content discovery platform tools

Tag and organize for content discovery

Genwi easily organizes content, and a robust tagging feature prioritizes content delivery across categories, such as product, pipeline stage, organization role or specific industries.

The system works with XML standards to scan content, and suggested meta-data helps each piece become more discoverable. The app supports popular formats, including binary (doc, pdf) and native (infographics, gallery, ebook, presentations).

Not only is productivity improved (and customer frustration lowered), so is the ability to respond to prospects with the information they need to make business decisions.

Screenshot of Genwi content discovery app

“Every interaction with Genwi has been thoroughly professional, and they have delivered the best possible experience for both customers and sales professionals.”