Providing content is essential, but is that content working for your prospect? Is it working for your sales team? How do you measure content marketing performance metrics? Find out with Genwi’s tracking and feedback system. Analytics provides the ROI, actionable insights and opportunity to refine materials.

Genwi’s system is a huge step beyond how most sales teams deliver content: through trails of emails, with little or no analytics. Genwi alerts you when the prospect gives feedback or interacts with a document, all from an interactive app.

“Sales professionals report a rise in personal productivity since the introduction of the Genwi app. (Genwi) shortens the sales cycle.”

Screenshot of Genwi content marketing analytics for measuring ROI

The Genwi app measures content interaction

The Genwi content marketing analytics system offers key performance indicators that provide details of what content each customer is viewing, tracking the time and completion of content items, as well as giving insight into other content that buyers may be viewing. Marketers can better gauge the effectiveness of the content, and then develop better tools and content calendars to support sales initiatives and customer needs.