A Sales Content Management Platform for the Post-PC Era

Sales and marketing has evolved at pace in recent years, but the way information is managed and distributed has not. Your sales opportunities are driven through knowledge sharing, discovery, exploration and research. And in a post-PC era, you need a vastly more effective way to encourage deeper sales engagement and customer interaction by using your best content curated from a variety of sources.

The Genwi System Enables Organizations To:

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Make The Most Of Your Investment In Content And Information

Bring together all of the content you own through a unified sales content management platform, to make it easier than ever to turn content into customer conversations that directly impact revenue.

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Computer screen display of Genwi sales content management platform

Drive Better Customer and Sales Engagement

Offer timely content, optimized for consumption and packaged in easy to use interactive applications, internal or external audiences.

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Tablet display of Genwi application displaying personalized sales content

Distribute Curated and Personalized Content Across Mobile

Create better content engagement through more efficient access with branded accessible native and web-based applications.
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Multiple channels curated for multi-device distribution

Create A More Informed Sales Force And Customer Base

Move beyond the inbox with distribution that gives better insight, improves your content and has a real impact on revenue.
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Computer screen displaying a funnel

Integrate And Extend What You Do With Your Existing Platforms

With integrations to the existing sales and marketing systems you already use today, it’s easy to enhance your communication through a unified sales engagement application.
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How It Works

Workflow of Genwi sales engagement process

Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. It provides an efficient way to curate, manage and optimize content, which results in vastly better channel to relay information to an organization’s customers, partners and employees.
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