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The Realtime Marketing System

Marketing has evolved at pace in recent years, but the way information is managed and distributed is largely unchanged. How content is consumed is unrecognizable.

This is critical to your marketing success. Your customer's journey starts earlier through discovery, exploration and research. And in a post-PC era, you need a vastly more effective way to enable access to your content.

Our Approach

Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information from multiple sources to mobile devices in realtime. This means marketing can be far more influential, acting as a "content concierge", that can push streams of information out at twitter-speed.

Realtime Marketing Success Factors

To get your content to your audience when it matters most, there are three key things you must do:

Be Mobile First:
You must to employ a mobile-first strategy to distribute information through in accessible and branded mobile experiences.

Address Cross Platform:
Only by adopting a multi-platform approach can you drive engagement to all audiences however they choose to get there.

Monitor & Optimize:
Things will constantly evolve and you must utilize predictive tools to monitor and optimize consumption to learn and refine.

We Didn’t Think Distribution Mattered Either

Until we found that the vast majority of marketing material is vastly under-utilized.

Marketing teams typically measure themselves on production, not consumption. In a world of Realtime Marketing, organizations need to distribute high volumes of distributed content. Only Genwi offers the best route to your audience by ensuring it gets into the right hands, at the right time, in the right format.


Embracing Realtime Marketing offers the ability to better inform customers and aligns marketing with sales to positively impact revenue goals.

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Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. It provides an efficient way to curate, manage and optimize content, which results in vastly better channel to relay information to an organization’s customers, partners and employees.
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