Only Genwi gives sales teams the tools they need to engage prospects with the right content at the right time. From the ability to share relevant content, to closing the deal, the Genwi Mobile Content Engagement Platform delivers actionable insights and real-time feedback for deeper conversations and faster conversions.

Connect content silos

Portals and libraries are fine for storing content, but they hinder content circulation. Genwi’s tagging system enables discovery from a single access point and enables better analysis of the customer journey. The taxonomy you implement is infinitely configurable, and importantly, is reflected in the menu structure of the web-based and native content library.

Genwi customer journey app created for Bemis
Genwi customer journey tool on a mobile device

Built from a mobile viewpoint for optimal customer journey engagement

Genwi is not based on a portal, library or hardwired system. Instead, it grew from the philosophy that all content should be easily accessible from any device. We call this the “mobile first” delivery system, because more than ever research and business is conducted over smartphones and tablets.

Fully branded customer experience

Out of the box, Genwi offers a standard set of themes that can be easily adapted to better represent your brand. These themes work across platforms, enabling you to quickly create a customized sales app. Themes can also be developed from the ground up, based on standards, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

But the fully branded experience is more than look and feel. Content can be organized by location, role, industry, etc., and delivered within context of the customer’s perspective. This makes it more relevant, discoverable and interactive for marketing to the prospect throughout the customer journey.

Tablet version of the Genwi customer journey management and analytics tool for IBM